About me


My experience and my sporting life has been focusing primarily on the customer service and support in different areas of “sport &health ” In this new stage I work towards a new challenge that I look forward with great expectations and enthusiasm. To “CREATE A SPORTS -CLUB ” The idea is to gather experiences from all athletes who train independently, either with a Personal Trainer or with friends, but with a new opportunity to meet up in joint activities. I consider myself a person with an extensive experience in the field of physical activity but still constantly keeping updated in the physical fitness techniques with an interest in personal development with enthusiasm, commitment and responsibility with the new objectives.


​Since I was 15 I have been very passionate about sports and more sports with more adrenaline, mountan bike, sky, snow sports , skate, rugby, do karate do and full Contact, sports as well as karting, motorcycles, etc. My favorite park or gym was my grandmother’s house. All these sports were practiced under the supervision and motivation my father who owe my love for sports and outdoor activities, because it was my l father who gathered and shared with all of us all his passion for the sports with all his children . Thanks Juanca … !!But when I started to choose freely I went to the human side of the sport and I trained at the age of 19 to become a lifeguard or Aquatic Rescuer; where I developed my innate sense of responsibility for helping others. This part of my life brings cherished memories because they were my first steps into training professionally.


In this year after trying law school , I had got immersed into the sport, training coaching career and in 4½ years I graduated with honors, a degree in Physical Education. I was also Very active in my university helping tutor to students in their sophomore years and working in the summers months as as a lifeguard in the Atlantic coast with the rescuers at sea division.


​By this time I was in Malaga, working as Deputy Coordinator Solinca Gym in Plaza Mayor. An experience that opened the doors to endless opportunities that today I thank you deeply for . During this stage I just started training as osteopath and functional rehabilitation; Pilates, numerous other courses, while training in Spain and abroad This experience helped me to take the big step and in 2008 launched me in this great adventure of becoming an Independent Personal Trainer.


From this moment in my life I live as I imagined when I started this career , working on health and fitness , helping people to be better,or working accompanying with athletes to become better and overcome obstacles. But above all things the true luxury is to make my job my hobby.


Achieving the stage of maturity and I begin to reap the benefits of working all these years; In addition to carrying the Personal Training Area with students from up to 9 years old, with a cumulative total of 250 students since 2008 number; I accepted the management of Training and Rehabilitation Area at the Academy of Miguel Angel Jimenez; and this year we will be open the first School Wake board a fully educational and pedagogical guidance center following a teaching methodology to get children to form the athletes of the future.


We continue living stages and learning along the way, always with enthusiasm, strength, energy and enthusiasm. We incorporate more outdoor activities, excursions on jet skis, surf-electric, paragliding and expand our geographical range and we can say that we are in “ALL ANDALUCIA”; TRAINING THROUGHOUT THE REGION; Water activities in MALAGA, taking advantage of the snow in GRANADA, flying in paragliding over SEVILLA, diving in ALMERÍA, trekking in CORDOBA and playing golf in CÁDIZ. And by the end of this year, the new MASTER'S DEGREE IN MANAGEMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF SPORTS ENTITIES must continue adding ILLUSION TO OUR PROJECT.


Without doubt, the creation of ¨AMATISPORT NAUTIC¨, marked a new stage in our SPORTS cyber club this year.

  WHAT IS AMATISPORT NAUTIC? It is a Jet Ski Club, which allows its members to enjoy a state-of-the-art jet ski, multiple activities and excursions scheduled throughout the year.  Here, it was necessary to incorporate an office in the port of FUENGIROLA.

  The covid-19 pandemic could not stop us, the impossibility of moving and traveling, made him TRAIN MORE AT HOME AND INDIVIDUALLY, but with the same enthusiasm and strength as always.  To get back TOGETHER as always and continue sharing SPORTS AND HEALTH.


Founding Amatisport Business is another step towards the future of Amatisport Cyber ​​Club Deportivo. We are committed to helping companies IMPROVE THEIR PERFORMANCE, improving the working atmosphere using sport and physical activities as an essential tool.

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