We look forward to achieve a more positive, healthy and motivating workplace


It is a program that allows companies to boost their performance and improve the work environment.

To achieve this, we use sport and physical activity as an essential tool.
We are people working for people, therefore, our goal is to achieve a real change in the habits of the workforce and an improvement in the profitability of the company.
What are our goals?
Our goal is to deliver real change.

In the AMATISPORT BUSINESS' program we propose to accompany the change of habits in the company through the improvement of the well-being of the workers. Our experience in the world of exercise and health, personal training, coaching and nutrition, makes our tools real, useful and simple. All this, working from three fundamental pillars of health:

Regular Physical Exercise
Healthy nutrition
Emotional balance

Therefore, facilitating the practice of exercise, promoting trainning and education of healthy lifestyle habits, being able to personalize and adapt each program to the individual and collective needs of a company, makes us very useful and even essential in any company.
What kinds of activities can be practiced?
  • Group games.
  • Crossfit or functional.
  • Group sports: soccer, basketball, spike ball, athletics, table tennis, etc.
  • Informative talks on nutrition and postural hygiene.
  • Yoga and meditation.
  • Measurements and implementation of technology in personnel (sleeping, spending  calorics, physical activity, weight, etc.) 
  • Trekking or adventure tourism departures.
  • Tournaments and competitions. -etc.
What benefits can we obtain with AMATISPORT BUSINESS?
1. Sport helps to release tension and combat stress, causing well-being in workers.
2. The incorporation of healthy habits, such as physical fitness, weight loss and good nutrition, will directly and positively influence the work and personal lives of workers.
3. The work environment undoubtedly improves a lot if people in the company practice some physical activity beyond their own work.
4. Greater self-esteem in workers thanks to sport.
5. A sports routine encourages teamwork.
6. With the help of sports rules, workers acquire habits of respect in front of their colleagues.
7. We manage to reduce absenteeism by leading a healthier life.
8. A good sports routine can lead to a good routine at the company.
9. Businesses that sponsor sports will have tax benefits.
10. One of the benefits for companies if they collaborate with sports teams or move in the world of sports is the visibility of the brand.


Amatisport Business Master Class

In an interactive talk where information is provided to improve quality of life, health in general, body hygiene habits, eating habits and even habits of emotional balance.

Monthly Amatisport Business

It is a monthly program, where group classes of 1 hour are given, 2 times a week of physical activity and sport, with the contribution of talks and body measurements controls, we help to organize the eating habits and postural hygiene of all workers between many other things.

Amatisport Nautic Executive

Gared towards companies that reward their employees or VIP clients by carrying out coaching, motivation and dispersal activities (this program is open to the needs and objectives of each company)