Golf Training

PHYSICAL FITNESS, is not only necessary today to improve the athletic performance of a golfer but it also reduces the chance of injury and improves their learning of new skills or perfecting them of the sport; reducing the time in which an amateur can reach professional level.

The development of a personalized training and coaching so that and individual or athlete becomes , more efficient and using less energy and improving their game.

If we talk about physical training, we do not talk about high performance or a segment reserved to the elite ; Physical training is for golfers of all ages and at all levels of performance.


From AmatiSport

we intend to change the concept of golf training in;

by obtaining results reaffirming the theory of the game and benefit from all the technical the sports bio mechanics advances of today so that our game improves every day game.


Popularly golf is an “unaggressive” sport, but we must not forget that there are many factors that can influence pain, not only back pain , but our shoulder, elbow, or hip; when walking such as the long distances in an 18hole golf course carrying our bag, or the the vibrations transmitted along the entire arm when, for example,we fail in the scrimmage and hit the putter (golf club) on the ground, or our poor posture to picking the ball or carrying the bag of clubs.


Players to enjoy competing and playing golf.

Players to play according to the technical level he has.

There is no difference in the game between the training range and golf course game.

Improve performance by reducing technical errors caused by fatigue.

Align body-mind taking control of our body.

Increasing levels of self-esteem and motivation.