Personal Trainer

It is not to indoctrinate a person but to accompany them and guide them to a healthy way into sports.

At AmatiSport we help you achieve your goals, we encourage you to go ahead and we are convinced that TEAM WORK AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES are easier and fun in a natural environment.

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multitude of activities

We offer many activities, running, pilates, TRX, fit ball, strength training, we will train you and prepare for your favorite sport and always with a smile.
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Our main goal is yours

we want you to feel comfortable for the change to be lasting and definitive in your personal growth; achieving your fitness goals or rehabilitating from past sports injuries.

We are prepared to work with you in an environment you are comfortable on the beach, in your gym, in the park or where is most enjoyable.

But our passion is nature and outdoor sports in is very enjoyable with the mild temperatures all year round in Malaga This weather allows us to be active all year and we want to take advantage of it.

If we talk about nutrition, we can help you plan and improve your daily diet, accompanied by a joint planning with sport and physical activity. We want you to feel good about your body and not to suffer by not being able to eat anything you like.

We believe in healthy habits are a fundamental tool for the change you want to do.


"The important thing is your desire, place, time and tools leave it in our hands"


PERSONAL training

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